Round Drip Mould With 32 Cavity  

Insert within the cylinder head drops all 32 cavity forming mould of hot flow path, due to the hot plastic into the channels are added on the heating nozzle, by heating, to avoid the hot plastic in the process of the flow of cooling, so can improve insert inside cylinder head forming quality, reduce waste, improve the production efficiency, reduce material waste rate.Inline Round Drip Mould.   Mould Model:   CY-H-R32                         Runner Type:  Fully Hot Runner Cavity Quantity:  32 Product Made By Mould: Inline Round Dripper Overall Dimension :  410mm*605mm*375mm Mould Weight: 540kg Injection Molding Machine: Claping Force>200T Cycle Time: 6s Service Life:  Over 5 Million Shots         …

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